Catering Equipment Brands

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Rational Catering Equipment

Rational has offered the best thermal catering equipment for over three decades. What sets them apart is that they work directly with leading British chefs to produce catering equipment that’s both cutting-edge and suitable for the practicalities of a busy working Kitchen.

Rational is an award-winning catering equipment company awarded the CEDA Heavy Equipment Award in 2017.

Inoxtrend Ovens

Since 1989, Inoxtrend has designed and manufactured the best ovens for commercial kitchens. Their entire suite of products has been carefully engineered and uses the latest research and technology to create exceptional ovens. We supply these ovens to our customers throughout Ireland.

Ceado Coffee Machines

Manufactured in the home of barista coffee, Ceado Coffee Machines represents the very pinnacle of precision Italian design. With a reputation that stretches back to its founder in 1952, Ceado produces coffee machines and grinders that span over 70 countries. In partnership with Ceado, Caterex supplies the best of their world-class range.

Cool Head Catering Equipment

As the name so elegantly implies, Cool Head provides a massive suite of refrigeration equipment. For the past decade, they have been revolutionising the refrigeration world by creating appliances at the cutting edge of technology while being particular for just about any sized kitchen. Caterix supply a massive range of carefully curated Cool Head refrigeration products.


Founded in 1955, Alto-Shaam has been a trailblazer in developing innovative food service solutions, fostering confidence among its customers to adopt cutting-edge approaches for increased profitability. The company is recognised for its commitment to delivering intuitive and reliable designs, ensuring clients realise a substantial return on their investments while injecting boldness into their menus.


Bartscher GmbH is recognised as a critical player in the European commercial kitchen industry, providing a wide range of professional appliances, practical kitchen aids, and innovative solutions. The company offers everything essential for a modern commercial kitchen to operate efficiently.