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Caterex’s is introducing the Lightfry to the Irish market. This finely engineered air fryer range represents the very best in Swedish manufacturing.

As an industrial-sized air fryer, this fast-acting appliance can offer your customers healthier food options that sacrifice none of the flavour.

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How does the Lightfry airfryer work?

Lightfry uses Air Fry Technology to prepare finger foods, eliminating the need for oil or fat. Instead, it employs steam, hot air, and motion. The cooking process involves two distinct steps. Initially, there's a steam phase that thoroughly cooks the product. Subsequently, the crisp phase follows, where a fan circulates extremely hot and dry air, resulting in a crispy surface. This occurs within a rotating basket in a sealed oven chamber.

Lightfry High Capacity 18EHC, 400V

Lightfry High Capacity 18EHC, 400V left display

Lightfry standard 12E, 400V

Lightfry standard 12E, 400V left display

Lightfry CE Approved Products

Lighfry Design foil

Ventilation hood standard

Drip tray collector

Advantages of Air Frying

Health and Environment

Reduced fat by up to 100%

Minimal risk of fire incidents

Lower environmental footprint

Enhanced workplace ambiance


Elimination of oil purchases

Up to a 50% reduction in power consumption

Reduced investment costs

Accessible frying opportunities for all and beyond

Resources And Time

Reduced oil mist means less cleaning needs

Incorporated cleaning system

Elimination of oil changes, deliveries, or oil transportation

Automated emptying process

Flavour & Food

Longer serviceability
Absence of rancid or undesirable oil flavours
Reheating flexibility
Exceptional crispiness